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Janitorial Services in Chicago by GE Janitorial Solutions

When it comes to complete office maintenance, cleaning plays a pivotal role. To get the best janitorial services in Chicago, IL, you need a reliable cum trusted partner that can resolve your cleaning problem and garbage waste management. No one is better than GE Janitorial Solutions. We are Chicago’s main cleaning company, primarily offering top-class commercial and janitorial services to make your Space clean and well-organized. From your daily routine cleaning to once-a-week deep cleaning, we do everything. Our janitorial service is a single package that caters to all your needs and saves you valuable time and hassle in the long run.  GE Janitorial Solutions does more than just clean; we also deploy dispensers and manage inventory. We collaborate to ensure you do not overpay for products such as toilet paper. As you save money over time, your firm will impress clients with its cleanliness. We are happy to assist you if you are up for any cleaning services in Chicago or Westmont.

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All about Janitorial Services

Cleaning, whether office or house cleaning, is considered the most important part of promoting a healthier environment, and it’s quite essential to check that abandoning this task can have lasting consequences. Thus, janitorial services could benefit your business in terms of health boost, productivity levels, and unveiling general professionalism. First, hygiene impacts our health more than you may believe.

If a pest infestation in the office, such as roaches or mice, they feed on everything from food crumbs to paper goods that trigger allergies or asthma. Second, having a messy workplace may impact staff performance and morale because no one wants to work in the dirt all day!

Typically, janitorial cleaning services focus on cleaning and maintaining offices to keep the workspace well-organized. The main intention of janitorial services is to maintain your workspace’s integrity and environment. These services are deeply concerned with cleaning small and large-scale corporate offices. It includes everything, such as offices, clinics, hospitals, and shopping malls. Depending on the requirements and budget, you can use our janitorial services in Chicago every day, weekly, or monthly.

They also follow a set schedule and always appear at the destination before the cleaning process. It’s vital for every individual to deeply asses their valuable requirements and the level of services offered.

Janitorial services include the following tasks: 

  1. Cleaning and deodorizing the toilets
  2. Removal and cleaning of the trash
  3. Maintenance and management of garbage disposals available at the office. 
  4. Replenished cleaning and toiletries supply 
  5. Carpets, rugs & floor cleaning with vacuum.
  6. Dusting and mopping desks, furniture, and electronics.
  7. Replacement of light bulbs. 
  8. Clean the windows, mirrors, and kitchen or cafeteria shelves as well.

A Janitor’s prime job roles and responsibilities are dusting the floor and upholstery, completely cleaning restrooms and windows, emitting out the trash, and disinfecting the place. Furthermore, If your company is small and has few employees, you can get away with a once-weekly cleaning. Even if you have a small staff, bathrooms, and any kitchen or eating areas must be cleaned after each workday. A medium-sized office with approximately 20 employees would require two or three weekly cleanings.

Professional Janitorial Service in Chicago by GE Janitorial offers cleaning services around the clock to fit clients’ work schedules. They strive to offer the best services in the area. You can contact them for a free estimate or consultation.

Our Services 

GE Janitorial is proudly committed to delivering the highest quality services to its clientele and making them happy and proud. Our team of professional janitors is always available to listen to your concerns and act accordingly to satisfy and tailor your requirements.  

Our janitorial services in Chicago include: 

  1. Wipe down all major areas
  2. Full sweeping and moping 
  3. Dusting and vacuuming on floors
  4. Glass and window cleaning 
  5. Trash and recycling 
  6. Inventory control 

Our team makes every effort to enhance the probability of getting a healthier environment. You can feel relaxed and sit after handing over your commercial Space to our company. We use high-quality equipment that makes a long-lasting impression on the Space and spreads a decent floral fragrance. 

We are pre-screened and experienced. We never negotiate the overall quality of our janitorial services, so our staff includes only highly skilled professionals.

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Advantages of taking Janitorial Services for your Space

When you are about to take janitorial supplies in Chicago for your business, you will get the best out of the advantages that upgrade your office premises to the next level. Some of the significant pros of janitorial services:

Improved business reflection and a healthier office. :

A neat and spotless office gives a compelling impression of professionalism and changes the entire outlook of a business to its clients and employees. Moreover, a clean office is vital to each business. A neat and clean office gives a new look and appearance to your office that helps you to attract clients.

A disinfected office keeps your employees safe and protected from sickness or diseases. Expert cleaners are well-trained and skilled enough to sanitize and clean the office atmosphere cool and maintain it best.

Boosted productivity:
A tidy and messy work environment can lead to serious disorders such as stress and overwhelm employees. On the other hand, a clean and organized workspace helps corporates feel calm & in control, enabling them to be dedicated to their tasks. Workers with a clean mind can focus on their work and complete tasks more quickly and efficiently. Small elements, such as clean workstations, organized paperwork, and an absence of clutter, can also make an employee feel valued and respected at work, increasing morale and favorably influencing overall performance.
It has enhanced air quality. :

We all breathe without thinking, but breathing can be difficult with poor air quality. Cleaning and janitorial services in Chicago can assist in enhancing the air we breathe by removing allergies, dust, and potentially hazardous microorganisms. These airborne particles frequently cause respiratory issues and allergies, resulting in discomfort and, in severe cases, disease.

By maintaining a clean and sanitary workplace, we can be confident that we are doing everything possible to promote excellent health and well-being. So, if you want to improve the air quality in your Space, hire a dependable cleaning and janitorial service. Your lungs will appreciate it.

It improved professional Image:
Another advantage of janitorial services is that it helps you to enhance your professional Image. With this, it can also assist you in gaining several new clients and customers. A clean office generally imparts customers a warm, welcoming impression and keeps them happy.

Time and cost-saving process :
Getting janitorial services for your business is a time and cost-saving process that gives you Space for other tasks.

Top reasons why your business needs janitorial services?

Numerous reasons illustrate the importance of Janitorial services for your business; a few are listed below:

Fewer bacteria and less illness

Our company can keep your work environment clean, especially during uncertain medical emergencies like Covid 19. Collaborating with a professional Janitorial service ensures you an improved level of cleanliness & a reduced number of bacteria and also diminishes the probability of illness.

Incredible first impression

Your book's cover may be judged according to your industry. To put it another way, the appearance of your corporate environment influences its success. The aesthetic of your commercial property motivates a parent to leave their child in your care for commercial properties such as schools and daycares.

Less time wasted

Wasting time is not so productive to any business model as a messy workplace give rise to several consequences, and their employee need to distribute tasks among themselves to keep the workplace clean. Seeing your HR manager clean the cafeteria microwave while your finance executive cleans everyone's keyboard doesn't help productivity. Hiring a skilled commercial cleaning company allows employees to concentrate on their duties.

Higher employee morale

Lastly, Janitorial services improve the overall productivity of employees as there are numerous aspects where your staff will appreciate a clean, involving.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can follow us on our social media channels, FB and Instagram, to send your concerns about our services. Furthermore, you can also call us on our numbers. 

GE Janitorial Solutions accepts all major credit cards, cheques, and e-transfers. All payment terms depend on the service. For more information on the payment terms, we ask you to talk to our customer service as we are grateful to answer any questions you may have.

We are here to maintain long-term relationships, but we also understand that there may be a specific circumstance where it’s not possible; in that instance, a client may opt to cancel their contract within a time slot of 30 days with a written notice for any valid reason and without including any penalty.

We sanitize corporate venues of all sizes and types throughout industry situations. We take pride in providing quick cleaning solutions for most scenarios.

Yes, absolutely, and if you require a one-time cleaning service or a short-term contract, monthly cleaning services, or even annual contractual service, we offer everything in a detailed manner. 

Yes, we are fully insured and licensed to protect you against damage or injury to individuals while our team members perform cleaning services. 

GE Janitorial Solutions aims to deliver the best and most budgeted services, including 

  • Office cleaning,
  • Commercial cleaning 
  • Medical facility cleaning 
  • Carpet Cleaning 
  • Window cleaning
  • Specialized cleaning

If you are dissatisfied with our cleaning visit or services, we will send our supervisor to rectify the concerns immediately. We are not compensated! We hold ourselves accountable when we invest in great office cleaning.

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