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Day Care Cleaning Services: Safe and Healthy Environments for Children

GE Janitorial Solutions recognizes the importance of a germ-free and immaculate daycare environment. Our expertise and commitment to excellence ensure that your daycare maintain the clean and tidy environment, where children can crawl and play. And you can assure their parents that their kids are in safe hands and they are at the place like their own home. Remember, for working parents it is very important for day cares to maintain the hygiene of their child. If you are still unable to find a consistent cleaning solution for your daycare in Chicago then no need to worry more as we are here to cater all your cleaning needs at fastest pace. Book your Day care cleaning services now with GE Janitorial Solutions and be stress free from cleaning part of your space. 

What you can anticipate from our Day Care Janitorial Services in Chicago?

Complete Washing:
We care for everything in your daycare center, from the playrooms and restrooms to the kitchen and outdoor areas. To prevent the dissemination of germs, we pay special attention to frequently touched areas.
Protection Against Infections:
We employ hospital-grade disinfectants regularly to prevent the spread of disease and maintain everyone’s health.
Methods of Eco-Friendly Cleaning:
Our cleaning services have a minimal environmental impact due to our commitment to eco-friendly practices.
Choices for Hazard-Free Flooring:
We use effective procedures to clean and maintain various flooring types, providing a safe environment for the children to play without fear of stumbling.
A Personal Account Manager:
Our clients have access to a single point of contact, an account manager, who facilitates open communication and prompt problem resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions about Child Care Cleaning Services:

Absolutely! We offer flexible scheduling options to minimize disruptions and even clean during off-hours.

We are aware that each preschool is unique. We will collaborate to develop a customized cleaning schedule that meets your needs.

To ensure your safety and peace of mind, each of our cleansers has passed a thorough background check and carries extensive insurance coverage.

Indeed, we will always prioritize environmentally responsible practices.

To prevent the spread of disease and maintain a sanitary working environment, we use hospital-grade disinfectants and adhere to stringent cleansing procedures.

Yes, we clean and disinfect playgrounds to ensure children have an excellent time.

Experience the satisfaction of cleaning commercial daycare 

GE Janitorial Solutions is a Chicago-based Day care cleaning company with a long history of contented customers and a solid commitment to cleanliness of day cares. Thanks to our clients who trust us and our team of skilled specialists, we are pleased to have contributed to transforming daycare centres into child-healthy environments.

Book your day care janitorial services in Chicago and its suburbs at affordable pricing with best cleaning equipments. Don’t wait just pick your phone and dial our number. Our team will be right there within 24 hours, when you give us a call. 

Book best day care cleaning services with GE janitorial solutions now and make difference in your sales.