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Welcome to GE Janitorial Solutions- Your Premium Cleaning Service Partner in Chicago.

Janitorial Cleaning is a Chicago-based, most reliable, and pro-level company located in the heart of Chicago that mainly offers the best and most cost-effective cleaning services in Chicago to both residential and commercial properties. We are your dependable partner for all of your cleaning requirements. Whether you want a house, deep, or commercial cleaning, we are always available to deliver results with excellence and satisfaction. As a leading cleaning service provider in Illinois, we believe in maintaining strong customer relationships with integrity and peace. We offer affordable, reliable, and spotless Chicago cleaning services. Our team of professionals specializes in cleaning services for houses, lawns, offices, event cleaning, daycare cleaning, construction site cleaning, and industrial cleaning to make your space shine like crystals. We hand-deliver peace of mind, clean space, and the luxury of spare time to residents throughout Chicago. As no two lives or homes are the same, we personalize our dependable, high-quality residential and commercial cleaning services to each of our customers’ lifestyles and schedules.

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If you are in Chicago or the surrounding suburbs, don’t forget to take advantage of our valuable cleaning service in Chicago.
Commercial Cleaning:

With our commercial cleaning services, you can create a clean and productive work atmosphere. We maintain the appearance of your business, from offices to retail areas.

Residential Cleaning :

Without the fuss, you can have a clean and healthy home. Our household cleaning services include everything from bedrooms to kitchens, ensuring your area is clean and welcoming.

Event Cleaning:

GE Janitorial Solutions goes above your expectations and perfectly cleans the event site to make your event successful. While you concentrate on entertaining your guests, our skilled housekeepers will take charge of the entire cleaning process.

Day Care Cleaning:

Our daycare cleaning services ensure a clean, sanitized, and safe atmosphere in your home. At GE Janitorial Solutions, we deeply understand the unique needs of daycare centers and give our services to meet your requirements. Our commitment is to give children a healthier, more nurturing space to learn, play, and grow.

Major Advantages of taking Cleaning Services in Chicago

Availing of the expert cleaning services in Chicago from GE Janitorial Solutions gives you ample advantages-

Stress bursters

Outsourcing cleaning tasks from a professional cleaning service provider can help you reduce overall stress by making the hard effort of cleaning your plates rather than worrying about cleaning your space so that you can focus on other important activities, relax, and spend time with your family and friends.

Also, cleaning a house or workplace can promote a better environment & reduce stress. An unkempt and tidy environment can lead to Anxiety and Stress, making it difficult to relax and be determined to do your work. A clean & well-organized atmosphere can also promote tranquillity.

Cleaning service providers may provide constant cleaning, ensuring your place is always clean and organized. They can perform all cleaning jobs, such as dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and sanitizing, and will leave your place spotless. This allows you to walk into a clean and orderly house or workplace, contributing to well-being and stress reduction. Outsourcing cleaning duties can also minimize stress by reducing the need to purchase and keep cleaning supplies and equipment. Cleaning professionals bring their materials and equipment, minimizing the need to store cleaning supplies or large equipment.

Budget-friendly Solutions

Availing of expert cleaning services can be a budget-friendly option in various ways. Also, it eliminates the need to purchase and maintain cleaning equipment, which is costly and time-consuming. Thus, a cleaning service will bring their contributors and equipment, so you won't have to purchase any cleaning equipment, vacuums, and other cleaning tools. Also, employing a great cleaning service can save you time and cost. As time is precious, hiring a professional company can free up space and save time.

Utilizing a cleaning service can lower your opportunity cost, which is the worth of the possibilities you foresee by cleaning instead of doing other things. Hiring a cleaning service might also help you achieve a better work-life balance.

Customized cleaning plans

The probability of customizing your cleaning plan per the specific needs is what a professional Cleaning service provider in Chicago offers. Our team also does the right thing, gives flexibility in scheduling, and enables you to choose a plan that fits your budget and cleaning priorities.

Healthier living environment

Getting Chicago cleaning services is a value-for-money deal for you as it offers a healthier living environment. As we all know, a clean and healthier environment is vital for good health because it spreads the probability of disorders and allergies.

Allergies and asthma can be exacerbated by dust mites, pollen, and pet hair. Professional cleaners improve the air quality by capturing allergen-causing particles with specific instruments such as HEPA filters. Regular cleaning also prevents allergens from accumulating, making allergy reactions less likely.

In addition, bacteria and viruses spread fast in a filthy atmosphere. Professional cleaners use disinfectants to eradicate microorganisms and limit the danger of illness. They go after germ-breeding hotspots like doorknobs, light switches, and countertops. Professional cleaning services can help prevent the spread of illness by having the atmosphere clean and sanitized.

Consistent Results

Professional cleaning services deliver continuous quality to ensure that your area is always tidy and appealing. In-home and commercial areas, a constantly clean environment improves customer impressions and offers a pleasant first impression.

A clean atmosphere can have a major impact on residential quality of life. A tidy and well-organized home can help you feel calm and at ease, decreasing stress and boosting your overall health. A clean home can also improve your family's safety and comfort, making it a healthy and pleasant place to live.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our company, Janitorial Solutions, is completely insured and dedicated to providing the best results to our trustworthy clients.

You should choose us and our innovative cleaning services for numerous reasons. One of the major reasons is that we are locally owned, so our team will let you meet you face to face anytime. Our professional team is here to help you greatly and minimize the risk of toxic chemicals in the home or the air we breathe. Our working process differs from other companies; we first determine the customers’ requirements and exceed your expectations with our cleaning service.

GE Janitorial Solutions provides all of its cleaning products and equipment; we will not use anything you already have in the house. This is due to the fact that we train our personnel on which products to use on each surface, therefore employing unknown materials could potentially damage your house if not currently used. 

We also try to be environmentally aware by eliminating paper surveys and adding non-toxic products. We are constantly making changes to improve our employees’ working environment and ensure we can deliver better customer service.

Please have a look at the list of our valuable equipment

  • Green Earth-natural APC
  • Glass cleaner
  • Oxyfect-G peroxide disinfectant killer
  • Natural degreaser
  • Vinegar

Yes, we give 100% satisfaction to our customers because we believe that your business is important to us. We are always available to hear your feedback, whether positive or negative. If you are not satisfied with our services, contact our support staff as we are 24×7 available for you. For more results, read our past client’s reviews.

We are flexible in payment, and you can pay via bank transfer, Credit card, or debit card (Mastercard and Visa). We also accept online payment from portals such as Apple Pay and PayPal. Once we have finished our work, we will take your card number and charge accordingly.

Oh, that is a very nice question. Cleaner team requirements depend on the space. We first inspect the space where you want. We will send a team of professional cleaners to accomplish your task perfectly and within your estimated budget and time.

Because we manage all of our appointments in advance, a late cancellation fee of $70 will be applied in case commitments fail. All commitments are automatically canceled within 48 hours of the appointment date.

All payments are managed directly by each cleaning partner and cleaning professional as a cooperative. We cannot grant refunds after payment has been made for services rendered.


If your cleaning falls short of your expectations, please notify us within 48 hours so your cleaner can return to put things right. Only if you contact us within 48 hours of your initial appointment will our customer care team be pleased to put things right.

3 Steps of Spotless Cleaning

At GE Janitorial Solutions, we are committed to delivering exceptional services. To book our cleaning services, follow the below-mentioned steps:

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Enjoy your well-organized and spotless home.

Why choose Janitorial Solutions for Cleaning services?

When you reach Janitorial Solutions, you will not only just visit an office, but you will be in heaven. Our company has always worked on a mission and vision to keep our customers happy and do what they want. We never compromise with our quality; one thing is that we are committed to our clients, and we just do the same. Our proven workability and strategies make us different from our competitors.