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Experience ultimate cleaning with the best basement cleaning services in Chicago by Janitorial Solutions

Most homeowners love their houses/ apartments but hate their basements. The reasons might vary from a basement with stinks to one cluttered with debris and junk. To tackle this problem, you need a reliable partner and look no further than Janitorial Solutions. You can get economical basement cleaning services here in Chicago and its suburbs. We want to resolve the basement cleaning problems of Chicago, Illinois, and our cleaning services have one goal: to create a compelling basement atmosphere that makes you proud of your residential space.

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Solutions We Offer For #1 Basement Cleaning Services in Chicago and suburbs!

Have a dark or unmanaged basement? No worries, Janitorial Solutions has your back as we bring excellent basement cleaning services/ options that enhance your basement to the next level. Choose from our options:

Water damage clean-up:

Has your basement been the victim of water damage? No worries, we will come into your home or office premises, thoroughly inspect the building, and clean up the mess perfectly. We have a proven process for dealing with such an issue and are accustomed to restoration of water damage.

Fire damage clean-up:

We also offer the best-in-class clean-up services in the basement. Our team of professional cleaners cleans the overall area and eliminates the lingering odors that may be trapped in the ceiling and walls of the basement. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, and to check our success record, remember to look at our past completed projects.

Mold Remediation :

Mold and mildew do more than make your cellar smell bad. They could potentially be making your house or business “sick.” Many people, as well as certain pets, are allergic to mold spores. Our mold remediation procedures restore your ability to breathe normally.

Basic wipe-down of surfaces :

In some cases, we have seen that the cleaning process is simply wiping down your basement’s surfaces. That’s why we have added wiping down cleaning services to our tank. Here, we sterilize and clean every basement surface, including windowsills to walls. That makes it look good. Furthermore, we also utilize eco-friendly surfaces that you might feel good about.

Basement junk removal :

Yes, we will assist you in getting rid of all the unnecessary junk and dirt in your basement. Sometimes, a simple initiative can make a huge difference between having a livable basement and an unusable site. 

Whether your end desire is to enjoy your basement & turn it into an extra place to hang out or use it in an additional bedroom for a wonderful home office, contact Janitorial Solutions right now. There’s no need to be embarrassed about your basement anymore. Add value to your home or commercial property by having a basement meant to be seen and used — not shunned.

Why Choose Our Basement Cleaning Services in Chicago?

When you reach our office in Chicago, you will experience seamless customer service and satisfactory dealing. Here are numerous reasons why you should rely on Janitorial Solutions for cleaning services:

Expertise you can trust

Our skilled crew understands basements inside and out. We have the experience of transforming your basement into a clean and organized place, whether it's removing years of collected clutter or addressing difficult-to-reach corners.

Customized cleaning solutions

We acknowledge that each basement is unique. That is why we customise our cleaning services to your exact requirements. Whether you require a one-time deep clean or ongoing maintenance, we have you covered.

Safety is your priority

Janitoral Solutions always provides exceptional services without compromising quality and safety to get a clean basement.


Refrain from wrestling with your dirty and unmanaged basement. Hire a specialist in the game and take their cleaning services. Our services not only save your time but also energy.

Budget-friendly pricing

As a reputable cleaning company, we guarantee everyone would like a clean and organized basement. Our competitive pricing makes us different from our rivals. At Janitorial Solutions, you get top-quality basement cleaning services in Chicago without breaking the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of basement cleaning generally varies according to the requirements and condition of your basement. Several basements, such as an extension for living spaces, are regularly maintained & might have less to clean. Other basements are used for storage and have years of dust buildup, making cleaning difficult.

Furthermore, the features, size, and qualities of a basement influence the cost of cleaning. If your basement has been used for storage, removing goods to clean it can affect the cost of our service.

Unfinished basements have distorted poles and frameworks, and concrete floors and walls must be accomplished to match the rest of the house. Such basements generally store and hold equipment such as water geysers and machines. Also, this type of basement often gets very dirty and can benefit from a vast cleaning by Janitorial Solutions.

Apart from basement cleaning, we offer numerous cleaning services that enhance your home’s beauty. 

  • Commercial cleaning 
  • Event cleaning 
  • Daycare cleaning services 
  • Post-construction cleaning services 
  • Commercial kitchen cleaning services