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Post Construction Cleaning

If you’re like the majority of business owners, you want the building project to go off without a hitch and use as little time and resources as feasible. After all has been said and done, the very last thing you want is for there to be anything hanging in the balance that needs to be resolved. The use of a post-construction cleaning checklist is highly recommended in this situation. In this piece, we will provide you with some pointers on how to make use of a post-construction cleaning checklist in the manner in which we do at GE Janitorial Solutions in order to ensure that the construction site is left in immaculate condition.

What exactly is included in the Post-Construction Cleaning?

After a building project is over, the site needs to go through a procedure called “post-construction cleaning,” in which it is meticulously cleaned. This includes clearing away any debris, arranging any tools or materials, and making sure the property is up to the appropriate standards. The majority of construction companies make use of a post-construction checklist to guarantee that everything has been finished properly. This helps to eliminate the possibility of anything being overlooked.

Why Should You Create a Checklist for Post-Construction Cleaning?

It is essential to have a post-construction cleaning checklist since using one guarantee that all of the essential actions will be carried out to clean up the building site. You will be able to verify that nothing is missed and that all of the damages are repaired if you have a checklist to refer to. In addition, a post-construction cleaning checklist can assist you in saving time and money by ensuring that the building site is cleaned up in an effective and thorough manner.

14 Post Construction Cleaning Checklist Tips

The completion of a construction project is not complete until the post-construction cleaning has been carried out. Having said that, if adequate planning is not done, this procedure has the potential to become difficult. As a result, you are required to have one prior to beginning the post-construction clean-up process. You will be able to generate a road map that will direct you through the entirety of the process if you use a comprehensive checklist. The following fourteen items should be included on the optimum post-construction cleaning checklist:

Obtain the Necessary Tools and Supplies for Cleaning

The cleaning that needs to be done after construction calls for a wide range of different cleaning materials and tools. Before beginning the process, it is highly recommended that you collect all of the supplies that you will require. This will help prevent having to pause the work in the middle of the task in order to seek a tool that was misplaced. The following items are among the most often used post-construction cleaning supplies:
  • Brooms
  • Glass cleaner
  • All-purpose cleaners
  • Rags
  • Buckets
  • Detergents
  • Rubber gloves
  • Face mask or respirators
  • Mops\Dustpans
  • Garbage bags
  • Spray bottles
  • Scrubbing pads
  • Others (depending on the type or manner of cleaning needed) (depending on the type or method of cleaning needed)

Empty Garbage Receptacles and Recycling Bins

The post-construction phase typically results in a significant amount of garbage and debris being left behind. Because of this, you need a strategy for dealing with the trash as well as recyclable materials. Having empty trash cans and recycling bins set up in strategic areas around the construction site is one approach to make this process easier to manage. Another method to make this process easier to manage is to have this procedure documented. This will assist in reducing the amount of time required to remove trash and rubbish from the house.

Mark all of the Resources and Equipment.

During post-construction cleaning, one of the most difficult problems is to keep track of all of the tools and supplies that are being used. Because of this, we strongly advise identifying everything while it is still being arranged. You will be able to prevent any confusion as a result, and it will be much simpler for you to put everything back where it belongs.

Take Off Any Remaining Paint

During the construction process, the paint will always end up on a variety of objects, including tools, equipment, surfaces, and even humans. Paint removal that is not done correctly might result in damage to the surface, which may then lead to corrosion or other issues. Because of this, you need to deal with any residual paint as soon as possible, before it has a chance to dry and become much more difficult to remove.

Clear and clean the surfaces.

It is necessary to thoroughly clean a wall in order to prepare it for painting or hanging anything on it. This necessitates setting aside some time in order to clean each and every surface at the construction site. By doing so, any dust, dirt, or debris that may be interfering with the newly applied finish can be removed.

Sweep and Mop the Floor

The floor should be mopped after the walls and other surfaces have been cleaned with a damp cloth. Make sure you use a damp mop and a detergent that is formulated to remove the dust and debris that comes from construction. Carry out this procedure on all of the floor surfaces found within the property.

Windows and mirrors should be cleaned.

During construction, dust and debris can readily settle on windows and mirrors. Because of this, including the cleaning of them in your post-construction cleanup strategy is something that you should do. To get the best results, we suggest cleaning the glass with a glass cleaner and then buffing it with a microfiber cloth. Also, remember to include the window sills in your cleaning efforts because they tend to collect dust while the building is being constructed.

Keep the balusters and handrails in clean condition.

It is imperative that you remember to clean the stairs as well as the area that surrounds them. Be sure to count the railings and banisters as part of the total. Make use of a cleaner that is specifically formulated to remove fingerprints and other types of smudges.

Tidy up the Men’s Restroom.

The post-construction cleaning procedure includes a number of tasks, including scrubbing toilets, which is probably not something you would want to undertake. It’s possible that this region is a complete disaster due to the fact that construction workers used the restroom here when it was being built. As a result of this, we strongly advise making use of a toilet cleaner that is designed for heavy-duty cleaning as well as a brush designed for scrubbing when cleaning the toilet room.

Spotless Cupboards

The post-construction cleaning process requires attention to the minutest of details as well. In addition to that, this entails cleaning drawers, cabinets, and closets. We strongly suggest that you clean the area in question with an item that was developed expressly for that purpose.

Dust Grates and Vents

It is important to remember to clean the grates and vents. This will assist in keeping them clean and clear of any dirt or debris that may have accumulated during the process of construction. To complete the task successfully, you should utilize a vacuum cleaner that comes equipped with a brush attachment.

Make Sure That the Building’s Outside Is Cleaned Up.

During the post-construction phase, the building’s exterior is prone to quickly become soiled. Because of this, it is essential to establish a strategy for how you will clean it. We strongly suggest getting rid of any dirt, dust, or debris that may have gathered by utilizing a high-powered pressure washer. Also, remember to clean the lawn decorations and the external lights before you leave.

Scrub the Front Steps and the Driveway.

Make certain that the driveway and any other places that surround the property are free of dirt and other forms of grime. To remove dirt and grime that is very tenacious, you should use a power washer. You can also make use of the pressure washer in other concrete places that are located on the outside of the structure.

Collect all of the garbage that is on the grass.

At this point, you should collect all of the trash that is on the land. This encompasses not only the area where construction is taking place but also the lawn and the driveway. Make use of garbage bags to compile the waste, and then transport it to the street curb for collection. There are quite a few items to check off on a post-construction cleaning checklist. The ones we stated are just a small sample of the items that you ought to have on your checklist. However, if you keep these suggestions in mind, you should be able to create a checklist that will assist you in finishing the building project and leaving the site in a clean and organized state.


When it comes to making sure that the construction site is clean and well-organized after construction is complete, a post-construction cleaning checklist can be an extremely helpful tool. You will be able to avoid any shocks at the last minute and make certain that the property is up to the required standard if you take the time to establish one. If you need a professional service that can handle large and small jobs effectively, call GE Janitorial Solutions today.

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